Monday, September 10, 2007

king fong, eu chain whip and bacon

annie gave me the full king fong experience, omaha china town circa 1920. later, it was new chain time, i'm inspired. rode for bacon on a solo mission, met dr. rick at the lodge, annie showed up soon after. two men down, snob and cornbread need to heal. headwind home, f1 and a nap. mission accomplished.
king fong, 1920's cuisine and decor at it's finest

one chain, one horn

look up

rick smells horse poo


pd said...

i have this wierd love-hate relationship with king fong...mostly, i love it, but sometimes worry about the hygiene in that place. i DO love the mounds of the shrimp chow tea. in the end, the old-worldness of it wins me over every time.

Shim said...

What about that big ass egg cake they give you? Thats the love part, then there is the way that place smells, there is the hate part, and hygene forget about it.