Friday, September 21, 2007

early start

today's fortune: practice is the best of all instructors.

i few months ago the local chinese joint, house of lee, closed there doors overnight. no literally i mean overnight. no sign in the window that "we're moving", no "come see us at our new location", nada, nothing. doors closed, building bulldozed. begin withdrawal. i tried the other places but the flavor just wasn't the same. no longer could i just stroll down the street a few blocks and pick up an order of sesame chicken or mongolian beef.

until the day before yesterday. as annie and i were strolling the old market, there it appeared like an oasis in the desert, house of lee and california bowl mongolian grill. seems they bought out the old mongolian grill between zio's and o'connors.

last night anne and i returned to find the same kitchen staff, and wave and familiar smile greeting us. we must have been the last folks to find out about the new location, they've been open since mid july. ah, sesame chicken with an extra side of crab rangoon. just like old times, just not as close to home. at least it's all down hill from the apartment.

now off to landahl, batteries fully charged.

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