Sunday, August 26, 2007

they call it team building

it was only the second corner i could tell it was going to be one of "those" days. nate was pulling me hard out of each turn and i didn't have the power to match. we started catching the back half of the experts almost immediately which made things even worse.

the day started off perfect, rolled out of the driveway to ride over to the radial and found sixteen dollars laying in the street, next to an empty slim jim wrapper and potatoe chip bag. one drunk idiots loss was annie and i's gain. free bacon, eggs and hash. i hate late races, 3pm start time, never quite know what to do with myself. made the decision to try racing the dry x rubber and opted for 36x18. little did i know both would assist with my demise.

After nate gaped me through traffic i settled in hopeing to just keep him in touch. nate has a knack for blowing a bit towards the end, and he knew that i knew that that might be the case. what he didn't know was how much i was counting on it. separated by only 15 seconds for over half the race i kept thinking he was coming back, nate just pushed harder thinking i was coming. tires felt wierd, gear felt big. by the end of lap 3 the gap was up to 30 seconds and it was do or die time. i picked up the tempo only to be massively let down by my lack of power at the first climb. the 36x18 was just too much for the tacky conditions. by the end nate came in a minute fifty up, i was on damage control. sam rolled through in 3rd making it a 1-2-3 for team evil unicorn. landahl is going to be fun, i better start rideing my bike more.
still thinking i can come back

that's how nate looked to me

nut was en fuego

the closest i was all day

evil unicorns minus one



Endurosnob said...

Way to drill it and kill it.

Now if I can just get over this performance anxiety.

MG said...

nice ridin' mod. even though you were overgeared a bit, you kept woodman honest... him having just a bit smaller gear was the difference.

we all need to ride our bikes more!


Cornbread said...

Way to rock it guys.

samsam said...

I think my hairline is catching up with yours, MOD.

cvo said...

you guys are in for some pain if your going ridgid at landahl.. good luck.

dale said...

Congrats to you guys. My legs had all they wanted at Swanson with a 32x18.

You will have fun at Landahl. I've found that big, fat tires at 25 psi at my speed is enough suspension around here. And steel helps too.

In the earlier Landahl race, my legs gave out. I'll see if the dakota rocks add to the cramp locations.