Friday, August 31, 2007

ride the hills, black hills that is

butterflies are building as i'm about to fly outside my 2 hour xc comfort zone. history shows that the last epically freaking epic cross country i did was the 1993 fat tire festival in crested butte. a hellacious 36 mile, single loop that took you well above tree line. that was back when mountain bike races meant the word "mountain". nothing pretty, no world cup vip tent make it look good for television. just get on your bike, carry what you need and ride off into the woods, mountains or grasslands. and you better have an exit strategy if you bonk.

enter the 5-O. in comparison it's 15 miles longer, has an extra 1000 feet of vertical and i'll be carrying about 30 extra pounds with no gears. HELL YEAH, bring it bitch's! carp won it last year with 34/20 and small wheels, i think i've settled on 36/21. little bigger but i'm planning on running more than a few climbs, hopefully the bigger gear will pay big dividends on the rollers and the almost 7 miles of descending into the finish.

thanks to the deal, i'll have a sixer of stella waiting on ice post race. jose says the after party is crazy. set to be more crazy by the fact that almost 30 hometown hero's will be up there with us. the 5-O is on, run whatcha brung...

photos: crested butte fat tire stage race circa 1992


Squirrel said...

God damn it we need to get over there to your neck of the woods again to hang out...fuck! Maybe the Pub Crawl:)

Peace and good fucking luck

Cornbread said...

Those pics rule.

See you in SD.

sda said...

i remember that old fat chance. good god i'm old.