Monday, August 6, 2007


after fending off a sore throat over the weekend basically just lazing around, here are some pics from the arkansas trip. didn't get to ride as much as i would have liked partly due to a little run in with a black bear. yep, finally after 15+ years off-road i've finally seen a bear...and it freaked the crap out of me. annie thought she was going to die. luckily the thing was as scared of us as we were of it, but anne wasn't going out for any additional loops and i sure as hell wasn't riding solo.

one thing i can say is that bats kick ass, we need more in nebraska. you'd think with all the water down there that mosquitos would be the size of crows, but there are so many bats that the blood sucking pests are almost non-existent. our cave guide said one bat will eat up 7000 mosquitos a night. time to build some bat houses out on the trails.

our cabin was sweet, two double beds, kitchenette, 3/4 bath, a/c, all for $65 a night. check out silver run cabins if you're looking to head south.

275 feet below the surface, subterrainean world


scott showen said...

cool, i didn't know there was any caves down there, was it epic ?

cvo said...

very nice, I'll bet it was epic.

MOD said...

life with anne is always epic