Sunday, August 19, 2007

bkb hq

madison, trek show, evening activities abounded. night one, drinks with pat, kc rep extrordinaire, at genna's. lined up a race x lite switchblade for the evil unicorn assault on the landahl 2-4. soon after, jt rolls in with the godfather. a few drinks later it's off to ian's for pizza, thanks pat. 2am

ran into to jesse and chris at genna's on night two. after a successful rescue mission we ended up at the lab. jesse has quite the array. thanks for the hospitality. 4am

night three, linked up with jimbo and frank. the mind is a bit fuzzy but i believe jimbo is off to the sswc07, along with the darkness, to scotland. good luck fellas. ran into b-matter as well, mullet and all. i left him preping for a hula show-down, details may be found elsewhere. 1am cop-out

trek has again blown me away with their attention to the details of cycling as a lifestyle. one world, two wheels, get involved. townies, dirt, choose. but whatever you choose, go by bike.


Endurosnob said...

I'm sure that was no fun whatsoever.

b-matter said...


the cross scene is growing in Wisco...c'mon up it'll be a blast for sure...