Thursday, July 19, 2007

happy birthday mw

today's fortune: your success will astonish everyone.

that's a pretty bold fortune. anyway, birthday wishes go out to my good buddy mw. 11 days younger than i. hopefully he's coming to bellevue on sunday so i have some company for the ride home from platte.

made it through tonight's tnr without flatting after the previous two rides left me deflated. summer stupidsale has begun which means saturday will be absolute hell at the shop. luckily i've got a great ride planned for sunday and f1 is on beginning tomorrow morning. although i'll miss the race sunday morning. just gotta be back in time for the tdf pyrenean throw down. the tdf seems wide open, the question is which spainard is going to win? sorry chicken, i should be tossing you some off-road love but i just don't think you've got the juice.

my bike thought of the day revolved around how amazingly versitile the ebb is on my ferrous. i've been riding a 36x17 and switched out to a 36x21 today. 5 tooth difference, no chain length adjustment needed. that's pretty freaking cool. as i thought more about the knee over pedal spindle (kops) and saddle height issue surrounding ebb adjustment i convinced myself how great ebb's really are. the theory: i have my kops set up for optimum performance when i run 2:1(36x18). on level ground my kops is set up 1cm in front of the pedal, this allows for a more efficient pedal stroke while climbing. when running a 36x17 and the ebb rotated forward my knee is more centered over the pedal spindle, which i would need because i would be running the bigger gear on a flatter course, still optimizing pedal efficiency. swing the theory the opposite direction for the 36x21 setup and my knee is now further in front of the pedal spindle, which is ideal for even steeper terrain for use with the lower gears. yeah i'm a freak when it comes to bike position and suspension setup. but my shit works better than your shit...


A.B. said...

So how does suspension bob play into all this? Does it throw off your position when the fork compresses? J/K ;)

It's funny, the little things you notice when you're not worrying about missed shifts and broken derraileurs. Tire pressure is another little thing that makes a big difference to me (mostly just keeping the air inside the tire, and not twisting it around to the outside:)
By the way, that wheel you built me is still SOLID. Thanks again.

mw said...

thanks dude.

i'm missing the bacon this week. i'm feeling the pull to b.o. lake for some helping out at the cornchucker state games.

next week tho. most likley. sure like heading up to omaha with a riding partner.