Friday, June 29, 2007

a beer for jb

couldn't make it down to lnk for jb's birthday bash but we did make it over to beertopia, picked up some duvel in his honor and celebrated none the less. tasty evening.

had a sweet ride at swanson last night. trail is ultra fast going into sunday's merto! race. got to chase and be chased by kev. leg's are feeling pretty good and i'm looking forward to next week's manawa race. expert it is. let's kill some dreams.

so next weekend i'm 36. shit! sunday to be exact. anyone up for a little post race birthday party at the crescent moon on saturday? good food, good beer, good company. come one, come all.


Peter said...

You're gonna be 20 years older than I am for about a week. Crazy stuff.

I'll total some cars and get arrested. You just start eating dinner at 5 and taking joint supplements.

I'm kidding you. I say you'll be awesome up until 50...unless you start wearing fanny packs ahem ahem.

And I'll just be a little shit for the rest of my life.

Cornbread said...

Had one of those last night. Good shit mang.

See you tomorrow at Swanson.

-jb said...

cheers mod, you don't look a day over 35. the moon on saturday sounds real good.