Thursday, May 3, 2007

rockin' the fmr

this month's fmr is brought to you by modelo special important beer. available in 12 oz. cans at a convienence store near you.

we hit the trail with pd sans t-bone and evie. rocked the s.t. to margaritaville, downed another modelo and rocked it the rest of the way to mineola. no amber bock at silver city so annie and i thought we'd make hoss and 3po proud and rocked the bud heavy. t-bone and evie eventually strolled in rocking the cx's. after some burgers and fries we rocked it out of town under cloud-spotted skies with no lights. by mineola the moon was rockin' full brights. jerky and another modelo at margarittaville fueled us home.

1 comment:

3p0 said...

we were out, too much cloud cover here in lincoln