Sunday, May 20, 2007

episode three: destructicorn

" realize you now have to win swanson!?! :)"

one little comment, rattling around in my head. motivation was high. ability seemed to be present. mission accomplished.


morning started off with a mighty fine hy-vee breakfast. bacon, eggs, hashbrowns & sausage. seemed to work good for platte, why not again. i'm not a big fan of late races so the 2:00 pm start had me a little worried. I've raced full circle, 7:30 am start times, 4:30 pm start times. i find the late races tougher primarily because it gives you way to much time to worry about food and prep. unward.

during the pre-lap, i got to thinking that this is episode three of the 2007 edition. usually takes me two races to blow things out. tranq, platte, bingo. confidence up.

we start two minutes after the expert open, much better than the forty five seconds we had at tranq. at the whistle i get off the line good, leading through the grass when t-bone comes cranking by and insides me into the first turn. he continues to crank it out and strings out the group leading into the singletrack. i get gapped off but then t-bone rips into the first hairpin, clipping out and laying it almost flat. a near miss but he stays in front of me. nate & tim are on my wheel, clark not too far behind. t-bone continues to heat it up and before i know it it's t-bone, me and nate.

first double track and i decide it's time. roll by t-bone, nate follows, time for an expert hunt down. nate and i start rolling through picking off the tail end of the expert field. some guys give us room, others not so much. lap one, two seconds slower than the expert open leaders. 3rd place (tim) is now over a minute off. don't see t-bone or clark, gotta keep rolling.

lap two: early on, nate digs a pedal and loses my wheel. from that point i start taking little bits away. the remainder of the lap seems to be pot marked with sketchy pass moves and unwanted hold-ups. the only bummer with leading early on is you never really know what's going on behind. lots of overlap on the course gives me little bits of information as to what's unfolding behind. tim is by clark with t-bone in tow, sam is unseen, no sign of munson. i begin wondering how much nate has in him.

By the end of lap two i'd worked my way up into about 6th overall, entered the singletrack chasing kw, about one and half back from kev. looked to have more than a minute on nate and no one else in sight. time to put it on cruise control, stay focused and not make mistakes. eventually got kw by mid lap and cruised home for the win. nate rolled through with a sweet ride for second place about two back. tim just held off clark at about four and half back. t-bone got close to those two while sam & munson rounded out the top seven.

feels good to have put it together. let the debate rage, expert open or singlespeed?


Endurosnob said...

Put it on the board!!

Next Expert Open on the SS.

You've obviously got the dream so you might as well kill it.

Cornbread said...

Awesome! Congrats on the win buddy.

Expert open on the SS! Do it! What's a couple extra laps?

sydney_b said...

big congrats and nice race write-up. sure sounds like you'd do ok in the expert open. If you get your ass kicked too hard, you can always opt back for the SS. ;)

-jb said...

way to go mod!
expert... and everything is just better on a single speed.

T-bone said...

Great ride dude and thanks for not running me over going into the singletrack. That was one fun race.

I say expert open:)

munsoned said...

There's no way I could do 5 laps at LnC at race pace, but if you got the strength to roll on one for them hills, give the experts some hell.

Great job the weekend.

bryan said...

sweeeeet win. you definitely nailed it.

Squirrel said...

Yeah buddy:) Way to lay it down:) You gonna make Branched Oak?


Shim said...

Bring it on you won't make any bigger ass of yourself than you already did in this write up!

We are all very impressed.

dale said...

Great job at Swanson! Tight and Twisty plays into your handling skills. You had six strong laps at Platte when you stopped. L&C is only 5.

I think ss can do well against geared at L&C. Being in expert open leaves less people to pass which can be difficult at L&C.

And if it rains between the first and second race like last year, they will all be ss anyway.

dale said...

That said, one race does not make a season. Tim has two wins over you, and this is his first season of racing. I think you are still beatable in ss. Doesn't really matter what I think, what are your goals?

KEV said...

Nice race but you should of started out the year as a expert, that was your goal last fall.

you can race SS class and keep going for as many laps as you want.
race to win the season and race expert open for free next year.
I plan to go for the points in masters and race open next year.
If I knew I could of been competitive in open I would of started the year out in open, but until this year I had never won a race.

it is easier to go hard for 3 laps than 5, you have to get a good start and then race a pace needed to hold your position and still have some left to go hard at the end if needed. but you know that from all your years of racing.

once again nice race, lets ride L&C Monday to get ready for Saturday.